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Updated: Jun 23, 2019

The difference a clean office can make when coming to work is often times overlooked. If you work within an office space that doesn't meet your standards, here's a few easy tips from the professionals you can implement today.

Organization is key

Time = money, don't waste it! Working in a messy environment is slow and can have negative effects on productivity. When you leave the office Friday evening to return Monday morning, you should be able to easily pick up whatever you were working on! Take a look at your own space, do you have a PC? Are the cords tucked away or a mess? The keyboard and mouse should remain in the same position for consistency and good ergonomic posture while typing. Pens, Papers, Staplers, Binders, and Folders should all be neatly organized and easily accessible. At the end of the day make sure to tuck your chair in and or up on the desk to allow the floors to be swept / mopped.

Floors that shine

No big secrets here, at the very least floors should be swept with an angled broom once a week to remove all debris and clean corners where dirt builds up. We recommend a stand up dust pan to minimize the need to bend over frequently. The floors must also be mopped once a week to have them looking and smelling fresh. This includes a mop head, mop, and mop bucket! We recommend using a neutral floor cleaner which is safe for various different flooring surfaces. If the office has any carpets make sure to use a vacuum cleaner with plenty of attachments for those hard to reach areas around corners.

high Dusting & horizontal Surfaces

Did you know that dust accumulates over time in unexpected places? What works best for all surfaces is a dust feather! If your office has high ceilings be sure to buy one with an extended arm for those high light fixtures and cabinets that are difficult to reach! You may also want to consider a small step ladder. Be sure to run the feather across all horizontal surfaces including windows, picture frames, doors, fridge tops, ledges, radiators, sprinkler's & smoke alarms, exit signs, and clocks.

WIndows & doors

Any glass cleaner combined with paper towel will suffice for small windows or mirrors. For any large windows we recommend a squeegee with an extendable arm to reach high areas combined with sunlight dish soap, your glass will be looking invisible. Windows should be cleaned once a week.

Doors and door frames will only need to be disinfected and wiped down once a month. Door handles however should more frequently wiped down around once a week as many people will come in contact with them.

Keep The Bathroom Spotless!

It is imperative to have a clean, sanitary bathroom for all visitors and employee's at the office! Before cleaning the bathroom you should be wearing a pair of vinyl disposable gloves. We recommend cleaning bathrooms at a minimum twice a week, using bathroom disinfecting products on sinks, counters, toilets , and urinals. The most common mistake people miss is cleaning the bottom and sides of the toilets, attention to the small details is essential in providing professional quality cleaning.

Lunch room / staff room / conference room

The same rules apply to the lunch room as the bathroom, at a minimum we recommend cleaning this twice a week as staff and visitors will need to eat in a clean, sanitary environment. We recommend wiping down all surfaces with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant cleaner. These surfaces include tables, counters, chairs, sinks, stove tops, fridges, microwaves, water dispensers, coffee makers, television sets, shelving units, recyclable and garbage bins. We recommend changing the garbage and recyclables at the same time as cleaning to ensure your office smells as clean as it looks!


The office space needs to be a place you and your co-workers feel comfortable in! Productivity and employee morale are certainly higher in a clean, organized environment. Small offices can be serviced in as little as two to three hours a week. Large offices may require many hours and frequent service, in that case you can hire the professionals at Collier's Cleaning we would be happy to take care of it for you.

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