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Attention to details, floors that shine!


Janitorial Cleaning 

Collier's Janitorial Cleaning is an industry leader in commercial janitorial cleaning services in Halifax NS. We know how important it is to have a clean and sanitary workplace for your customers and staff. Collier's Janitorial Services has your facility covered, from entrances, lobbies, washrooms, and everything in between. We will make your business or facility floors shine.


We take pride in providing quality janitorial cleaning in Halifax, Dartmouth as well as surrounding areas of HRM. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors. All of our professional janitorial cleaning staff are insured and background checked. Each account is inspected and supervised.

BOOK TODAY: Contact Collier's Janitorial Cleaners in Halifax NS to schedule a free, no-obligation, eco-friendly, commercial cleaning quote (902) 488 4562


We take pride in providing quality commercial cleaning services for our customers in Halifax and surrounding areas of the HRM. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors in the Halifax area. All of our janitorial cleaners are insured and background checked. Each account is inspected and supervised.


Whether you run a small business in Nova Scotia or are part of a larger corporation, making sure that your offices are kept clean and safe, tend to create a positive first impression with employees and customers to your office building.

Collier's Commercial Cleaning Halifax is one of the top office cleaning and janitorial cleaning companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They practice eco-friendly and Covid-19 restrictions when cleaning all office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities throughout HRM especially during COVID-19. This janitorial services company in Halifax provides professional commercial cleaning to all customers with a healthier and happier environment both for staff and customers alike.

Local businesses, schools, dental offices, retail spaces, and medical facilities are at the top of their list as far as top notch commercial cleaning services.

It is due to their dedication and professional janitorial cleaning and commercial cleaning services that makes each customer coming back year after year! Collier's Office Cleaning are on the go every day of the week.

Contact Collier's Commercial Cleaners in Halifax NS for a free, no-hastle, eco-friendly cleaning quote. -  (902) 488 4562

Quite often the best commercial cleaning companies come with a wealth of cleaning experience and expertise which actually makes them one of the top three cleaning companies in Halifax to hire. You certainly may know how to keep your desk clean and floors swept in the workplace, but only the most professional janitorial cleaning services like Collier's Commercial Cleaning will know the safest cleaning methods for cleaning offices, bathrooms, staff areas, and customer waiting areas in your office building, especially during the pandemic.

At Collier's Commercial Cleaning Halifax, they have a large portfolio of janitorial service clients as who have been long time customers. They adhere to the safest cleaning practices in the province of Nova Scotia and are proud of their innovative cleaning methods especially during Coronavirus (Covid-19).


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions

The recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak worldwide has led to many significant challenges over the past year and into 2021 for all businesses.

There are now many expectations and standards when it comes to safe coronavirus cleaning methods for local businesses, medical clinics, schools, restaurants, and retail locations throughout Nova Scotia. Safe cleaning methods will definitely reduce the potential for Covid-19 coming into your workplace, not to mention cutting down on germs, allergens and dust particles in the air and on furniture, door handles and many commonly used areas of your office.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Collier's Commercial Cleaning Services in Halifax are proud to have partnered with local businesses, retail stores, and medical facilities throughout Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and most other locations throughout the HRM. They provide safe deep cleaning methods that include disinfecting all areas including washrooms, public sitting areas, washrooms, staff rooms, offices, waiting areas, and entrances.

Janitorial Cleaning Halifax

Some of the daily janitorial cleaning duties are to safely clean offices throughout the workplace with an endgame of making the environment safer for staff and customers, as well as  decreasing the number of sick days in the office environment.

Your janitorial cleaning service provider will take care of the everyday commercial office cleaning duties for your business and keep your workplace clean and safe from germs on a regular basis. 


With daily or semi-daily commercial cleaning services, your healthcare facility, retail space, school or business will always look its best. You will notice how clean everything looks for your staff and visitors. Many clients tend to schedule janitorial services during off hours so that cleaning duties don't interrupt the flow of business for your and your staff. Schedule janitorial cleaning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, whatever your needs are and what works best for you. Professional janitorial cleaners will provide commercial or light cleaning services, depending on the traffic flow throughout your place of work.


Collier's Commercial Cleaning is trained to use commercial cleaning products and the right equipment in order to reduce dirt, germs, and the risk of COVID-19 cross-contamination. They provide restroom cleaning, employee break rooms, kitchens, sweeping and mopping hard services, vacuuming carpets, dusting, and emptying trash during all scheduled cleaning visits to your location.


Here are a few of the cleaning services offered to businesses in Halifax ns:

  • Janitorial cleaning services

  • Office cleaning services

  • Commercial cleaning services

  • Restaurant cleaning services

  • Retail cleaning services

  • Renovation cleaning services

  • Business cleaning services

  • Healthcare Cleaning Services

  • Industrial cleaning services

  • Carpet cleaning services

  • Gym fitness center cleaning

  • Bank cleaning services

  • Daycare cleaning services

  • Window cleaning services

  • Large event and venue cleaning services

  • School cleaning services

  • University cleaning services

Free Cleaning Quote: Contact Collier's Commercial Cleaning Services for any commercial office building or janitorial cleaning services in Halifax Nova Scotia - (902) 488 4562


Competitive Pricing 

Collier's Cleaning will design a custom cleaning plan based on your specific needs. We offer free no obligation quotes and first clean free for new clients. Committed to no hidden fee's, competitive pricing, no long term contracts!

Quality Cleaning


We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Collier's Cleaning is committed to providing our customers quality cleaning they can count on. Our trained professional cleaners will make your business space shine.

Communication & Trust.

Communication is the foundation of our relationship with clients. Transparency between customers and our professional cleaners is key to providing the results you expect. Customer satisfaction is our priority. 

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