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Office Cleaning Halifax NS

Collier's Office Cleaning in Halifax NS is a professional commercial cleaning company that will work with all businesses in Halifax, Dartmouth, and other areas of HRM to customize a cleaning plan to suite each budget and schedule. Call for a free consultation (902) 488 4562

Collier's Commercial Cleaners in Halifax understand that each office environment is different from all other clients and that each client is treated according to their specific cleaning needs, work spaces, and budget.

Collier's Office Cleaning Services in Halifax will design a custom cleaning plan based on your specific needs whether it be for a retail space, office space, school or medical office facility. Since the pandemic began in 2020, it is no longer acceptable to just duct, sweep, and mop all areas of a business.

The level of cleanliness, safety, and health in the workplace are now much ore serious that have ever been. Partnering with a professional commercial cleaning company is very important step in insuring all staff and visitors are protected at all times.

This professional office cleaning company in Halifax may include garbage removal, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, waxing, and other cleaning services in all:

  • Office reception areas

  • All Work areas

  • Staff and Visitor Washrooms

  • Staff break room and kitchenette

Office Cleaning Schedule

Halifax office cleaning services will meet with you to schedule a regular cleaning for your office space on a daily, semi weekly, weekly, or even bi-weekly, and are can be scheduled at various times of the day either day or night according to your schedule.

Additional commercial office cleaning services like carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, or hard floor cleaning, stripping and waxing may be arranged in advance.

The workplace environment is usually a prime source for spreading germs, especially during COVID-19. The staff kitchen and break room are common places where you can find germs of all types, when not cleaned properly.

The coffee maker, the microwave, and the water cooler areas seem to be the busiest place in any business office environment. Quite often it can also be the number one place that receives very little, if any, clean-up attention by office employees. That is why you should partner with a commercial office cleaning company that knows how to clean your office spaces properly.

Cleaning During Flu Season and Covid-19

The flu season lasts typically from October through April in Canada. Winter is usually the worst time of year that employees come down with the flu or a cold.

Basically every business organization in Canada have been impacted by the Pandemic in 2020 and beyond. Most businesses offices tend to get a lot of foot traffic so is the business premises clean enough for staff and visitors to your facility? Coronavirus is a deadly disease and is spread quickly through community spread either in small droplets in the air, or by touching shared surfaces like elevator buttons, door handles, bathroom sinks, coffee makers, and computers.

Did your staff get flu shots? Did they get vaccinated for Covid-19 yet? There are many questions to make sure all employees are working as safely as possible during working hours so that there is minimal absenteeism.

Any professional office company in Halifax will always clean the most common areas of any business first. Desks, computers, keyboards, mice and office furniture are the first things that contain germs and need regular cleaning. Water, soap, and disinfectants are used always on every office cleaning job.

Your Halifax Office Cleaning professional with enter your business with the sole purpose of reducing dust, dirt, and any contagions that may be present. The health and safety of all employees and visitors are of upmost importance during these unprecedented times.

Cut down on the flu, cold and Covid-19 infections by hiring a commercial office cleaning company who adheres to all the WHO and Nova Scotia Heath Department rules and suggestions for cleaning and staying safe in Canada.

Colliers Commercial Office Cleaning Services provide the most effective office cleaning and janitorial services Halifax, Nova Scotia. Call the most dedicated commercial cleaning company in Halifax for a free consultation (902) 488 4562

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