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Collier's Office Hotel Cleaning Services Halifax NS

Collier's Office Cleaning and hotel cleaning services in Halifax NS is a professional commercial office building cleaning company that will work with all businesses, retail outlets, schools, hotels, and healthcare facilities in Halifax, Dartmouth, and other areas of HRM.

Looking to get a customized cleaning plan in place for your business?

Simply call the office cleaning professionals at Collier's Cleaning Services for a free consultation (902) 488 4562

Additional commercial cleaning services like carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, or hard floor cleaning, stripping and waxing may be arranged in advance.

We clean most areas of the busiest parts of the office including the coffee maker, the microwave, and the water cooler areas in your building. You should always partner with a professional cleaning company that takes the job seriously, for the sake of your customers and staff alike.

Here are a few of the commercial cleaning services that Collier's Cleaning provides to local businesses in and around Halifax as well as to most other areas of mainland Nova Scotia:

  • Commercial cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Janitorial cleaning

  • Building cleaning

  • Restaurant cleaning

  • Retail cleaning

  • Office building cleaning

  • Renovation cleaning

  • Business cleaning

  • Medical office cleaning

  • Industrial cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Gym fitness center

  • School daycare cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Covid Cleaning

Office Cleaning for Healthcare

Collier's Office Cleaning in Halifax has hundreds of happy customers in the past few years due to its customized cleaning packages. There are no two customers alike and we understand that each clinic, medical office and hospital have a different needs.

Collier's Commercial cleaning will clean all your waiting areas, doctors offices, reception areas, labs, examination rooms, and conference rooms, usually after the staff has gone home for the day. This is not possible of course where operations are 24/7. So we customize the cleaning plan to work at the least traffic times to minimize cleaning and to clean when there are not as many staff and patients around.

Your health care facility and medical offices should be clean at all times due to the professionalism of Collier's Commercial Cleaning in Halifax and Dartmouth NS.

Commercial Cleaning for Hotel Rooms

If you run a hotel, motel or Inn in Halifax you will want to partner with the best commercial hotel cleaning in the province like Collier's Commercial Cleaning.

This Hotel Cleaning company in Halifax specializes in the cleaning of all hotels, motels, Inns, & resorts in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville and most other areas within the HRM. Our hotel cleaning services work especially great for those hotels and motels that need daily deep cleaning of all high traffic areas like lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

So this would be commercial cleaning for hotel rooms, guest rooms, Inns, and resorts that need supplemental cleaning in addition to their own housekeeping services.

Top Areas to Cleaning in Any Building

Some of the top areas to cleaning in a commercial office building would be common rooms, waiting areas, and public washrooms.

Other busy areas to clean for our office cleaning staff would be staff rooms, office computers, and entrances to buildings for both the public and employees.

  • Elevator - The elevator buttons have the largest amount of bacteria and germs in workplaces in Halifax, NS, Canada

  • Restrooms - Restrooms are the most common place for germs to gather in any office or retail location

  • Computer Keyboard - Computer keywords, iphone, ipads, etc need to be cleaned constantly. The computer keywords is one area that contain 20x times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

  • Telephone - Office telephones typically have thousands of germs daily even after cleaning the day before, so during Covid it pays to be vigilant.

  • Water Fountain - Drinking fountains have over a million bacteria daily, whether cleaned the night before or not. Fridges, water bottles, coffee and kettles also are high traffic areas for germs especially during Covid-19

Contact Collier's Cleaning for a Cleaning Quote

Commercial Cleaning Quote: Contact Collier's Commercial Cleaning in Halifax for any commercial, office, retails, school, building cleaning or janitorial services in Halifax Nova Scotia - (902) 488 4562.

If you are looking for a local commercial cleaning, hotel cleaning or janitorial cleaning service in Halifax then don't hesitate to reach out to Collier's Cleaning Services!

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